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About Us

We are a multi product specialty company with expertise in Lab Filtration, Lab Plasticwares, Lab Glasswares in Punjab &Bench Top Lab Instruments in Ludhiana. The titus™ brand represents quality, accuracy and dependability, and all leading pharmaceutical companies, R&D labs scientific, health and educational institutions have been loyal customers


Through innovative design and efficient, quality manufacturing, titus™  strives to offer top quality services and products at a fair price − clearly a better value for those it serves. Our integrity demonstrates honesty and equality that is essential to the way Our Group  conducts business. Customers, suppliers, employees and the community as a whole are treated with the highest ethical standards. We consistently exceed expectations in order to achieve and maintain the trust earned from our clients and partners while delivering unsurpassed quality and excellence.

Why us ?

1. Commitment to quality in all of our work
2. Open, honest communication − talking and listening − with customers, the community, and each other
3. Efficiency derived through careful work and diligent personal time management
4. Personal responsibility for continued skills enhancement
5. Decision-making with ethical intent and integrity
6. Respect for the individual and the team
7. Conscious understanding and belief in the importance of our work: creating products that enhance technology and improve lives

The Company’s business are supported by a wide marketing and distribution network and have established a reputation for strong customer support. We believe that progress must be achieved in harmony with the environment . A commitment to community welfare and environmental  protection are an integral part of corporate vision.